Culture, Commerce, Community & Commitment 

Native American

Chamber of Commerce

NACC Community Service Programs Include:
Opportunities to participate in Native American cultural events
Scholarships for American Indian youth
Internship program for Native American Youth
Achievement Centers to support American Indian youth in gaining computer skills
Food, clothing, blanket, and toy drives to support Native Americans in need

Corporate and Native American Small Business Success:
NACC membership benefits corporations by providing valuable cultural information, guidance, and networking opportunities with Native American owned enterprises.

“H. E.B Grocery Company is proud to be a Corporate Member of the NACC. Our membership has been beneficial to HEB and Native Americans through our better understanding of the Native American culture, Youth Scholarships, and our continued search for Native American Businesses that are able to provide products or services we need.” - Glenn G. Murray, Director, Supplier Diversity, (Retired) H.E.B Grocery Company 

“I am proud to represent Halliburton by serving on the Board of Directors of NACC. Halliburton is very supportive of supplier diversity and will continue to offer business, networking and mentoring opportunities for Native Americans.” - Linda Holloway, Manager, Global Supplier Diversity, Halliburton 

“The NACC is always delivering on its unique mission by educating all of its constituency-- small business owners, corporations, students--on the challenge and delicacy of "walking between two worlds." We believe in this mission, and we look forward to many exciting opportunities to participate with the NACC." - Joel Gamboa, Director, Retired, Global Supplier Diversity, ExxonMobil and Chairman of NACC’s very prestigious Corporate Advisory Council.

NACC sponsors a variety of networking, educational workshops, and training events each year. These events provide vital opportunities for Native American owned small businesses to learn and to connect with each other and with major corporations to enhance and expand their markets and operations.

"The NACC is instrumental in providing the recognition our organization needs to further our business goals. Opportunities with Marathon Oil and Dell Computers are two that have been successful for Impace Building Services. Membership in the NACC is a must for Native American owned firms that want to work smart and increase business. The cultural events are also beneficial; they satisfy our need to learn more about our heritage." - William G. Okeson, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Impace Building Services 

"The networking opportunities available through NACC have been beneficial in opening doors and providing direct contact with other American Indian business owners. The business relationships that we have established and the recognition that membership in NACC has brought to our company are both invaluable assets to RWS." - Charles H. Fayle, president and CEO, Rigging & Welding Specialists 

"The Native American Chamber of Commerce has been a great benefit to Ongweoweh Corp. Through their networking efforts we have continued to maintain successful relationships with The Coca-Cola Company, Shell and Pennzoil Quaker State. Our association with the NACC has been advantageous and has helped our bottom line." - Ray Herne, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Ongweoweh Corporation, Ithaca, New York 

"The NACC are great advocates for Native American business owners. The chamber has provided Iron Eagle Environmental Services, Inc. many leads. Through these leads and the business they generated, our company has helped many tribal people in North Dakota and Montana." - Benedict P. Reyes, President, Iron Eagle Environmental Services

NACC provides its’ membership with several avenues to assist Native Americans of all tribal affiliations. The NACC Achievement Centers, founded on a program dedicated to the training and development of Native American Business owners, is one example of our commitment to advancement of Native American enterprises. IBM, HP, BNSF, Wal-Mart, UPS, USDOI, Video Professor, and Dell were very instrumental in forming our ten Achievement Centers, through their wise counsel and generosity.

"I'm very proud to work at Dell and proud of my fellow employees and the many ways we strive to be a contributor in our community. The NACC is a great example of an organization that performs as we do; you have a true drive for results, you have vision and you genuinely care about your members." - Scott Helbing, Vice President of Global Brand Strategy, Dell Computer Corporation

One of the Chamber’s most satisfying missions is to help increase community understanding and appreciation of our cultures. NACC members are very serious about the preservation of their ancient way of life, and often act as cultural ambassadors across the Nation, by providing presentations to educational institutions and community groups. NACC also hosts many annual traditional events which are open to the public, striving to share our proud heritage, encouraging understanding.

The NACC is committed to facilitating the growth and development of Native American entrepreneurs, as they walk between two worlds. Even with their success in the business world, they continue to embrace their culture and traditions, which are an integral part of their identity as American Indians. Due to NACC’s dedication to expanding awareness and understanding of Native American cultures, corporations will gain access to valuable cultural guidance, sensitivity, and counsel. Join our growing organization!