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Feed the children - change we can believe in

Promises are made, yet the Native Americans on US reservations, wait for change.  You have the power to help pay it forward and make the changes in education, poverty, healthcare, hunger and housing, on many native reservations, with your donation or business sponsorship.

Multi-families live under one roof, running water in homes, are not available to some. There's never enough food. Children sleep on bare floors, heating oil is hard to purchase for lack of money, due to unemployment.  Food stamps do not buy heat.  Most government programs only allow a heat voucher twice during the winter. Could you live under these conditions?  Would you want your family to be exposed to these conditions?  

Our over-all views is that everyone in American should have the same opportunity to live comfortably, no matter the race. To have food on their table, a stable roof over their heads and a bed to sleep in and a job to be proud of.  I wish it were so. 

How would you help?  Where do you begin to pay it forward?

The Native American Chamber of Commerce has partnered with two outstanding resources in our community. STAR OF HOPE and the HOUSTON FOOD BANK , located in Houston, TX.  Both local organizations help to feed the hungry, help the homeless and add value to lives forgotten.  It is with great pride that we have joined forces to help see missions, for all, to succeed.  One of our dearest missions for the Native American Chamber of Commerce is championing for all hungry children locally and on our remote Native Indian/American people on remote reservations across the United States.  Our events are not only presented for the community, state or national levels, but for all who want to stamp out hunger, homelessness and hopelessness in our nation.  Sign up to volunteer, donate at our events, or contact us for details.

Your tax deductible gift can make a difference to the first people of our nation. For example, a gift of $125, builds a bunk bed, with a mattress. Your generous donation, no matter how much, goes to support the efforts of the Native American Chamber of Commerce in relief efforts for the Native families across the U.S.

2016 is the year we want to make a significant difference.  It's reservations like Pine Ridge – one of the nation’s most economically isolated communities, with 91 percent of the population living below the federal poverty line and one grocery store for an area roughly the size of Connecticut, that can benefit from your help.  

You can make a difference. Become a volunteer, sponsor or  Donate  today.  

Won't you pay it forward?                                                                                                                                                              ToP